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Support CSL Kaua'i

Any amount helps!

CSL Kaua'i is a tithing organization. We give
10 percent of all gross donations back to the community.  Since 2013, our non-profit has contributed more than $143,000 to the Kaua'i community and throughout the world.


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3-2600 Kaumualii Highway

Ste. 1300  #404

Lihue, HI 96766

Text Donations are Available!

Send a text to (808) 431-3943

At CSL Kauai, donations are much more than tax-deductible charitable contributions —

they are investments.

The time and money you invest in CSL Kauai provides many positive high-yield returns:

You Are Magnificent — A guiding principle of our teaching is self-love. We celebrate your magnificence as a perfect, individual expression of Divine source — with the reminder that abundant health, positive relationships, creativity and wealth are your birthright.

Spiritual Consistency — Our light is always on. Even when the pandemic threatened to close our doors, CSL Kaua’i shone even brighter to keep our o`hana connected through livestreaming, personal visits, and the almighty Zoom.

Science of Mind Leaders — Our Spiritual Leaders and Founders Rev. Patrick and Rita are examples of the highest integrity for Science of Mind principles by walking their talk and living each day with authenticity, transparency, vulnerability and ensuring a safe space everyone who enters our doors. Leading the Self to the Self.

A Strong, Growing Global Community — We are a global “connector” center, reaching out beyond the island worldwide to a strong community of people who invest in us knowing we will be here each time they return to Kauai. Our off-island investors know they can call or email any time because we are there for them.

A Caring and Committed Local Community — We connect people to people across the island both in-house to our congregation and through many outreach areas, including: the annual Pride Parade, Healing Horses, suicide prevention, YWCA, Hongwanji community, Lydgate clean-up and so many more.

A Connection Conduit — Countless priceless relationships and lasting friendships have been and continue to be made at CSL Kaua`i.  We also are a powerful networking center helping our members locally for everything from finding rooms for rent to selling homes, referrals to doctors, dentists, handyman, pet sitting, car repair, and the list goes on and on.

A Spiritual Grounding Center — Our services, classes, workshops and events help you charge your emotional batteries, provide inspiration, give strength, educate, motivate, and help to awaken one to oneself. We are able to serve the world thanks to our livestream and audio department. Often we are contacted by people telling us how being able to regularly connect electronically to Sunday services and a host of other classes and has uplifted and inspired them.

A Commitment to Our Youth — CSL Kaua’i is passionate about educating and empowering our youth. We will stay on course to grow this area into a powerful and motivating Youth Center.

Trained Practitioners and a Ministry of Prayer — CSL Kaua`i has 15 practitioners, including ministers, who are ready to move energy for your definite purpose through Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Sunday Is Celebration Day — Our Sunday service offers music, message, meditation, self-reflection and prayer. Our doors are open to everyone, and every emotion is valid and accepted. Children over five are welcome to join our Young Master’s program with dedicated teachers overseeing fun, educated play activities during the service.

Classes, Workshops and Events Galore — CSL Kauai offers a wide range of consciousness expanding and heartfelt learning experiences, including: an experienced inner-child guide to counsel and open doors to the creative and loving child within, monthly healing circles, concerts, musical shows, an annual telethon, guided labyrinth opportunities. Additionally, our unique Flying Solo program has and continues to change lives. Our monthly Spiritual Cinema continues to be a rich experience with discussion following the movie.  And our annual Sacred Journey week-long retreats host a combination of off and on island participants.

Invest in CSL Kaua`i...

An investment in us is an investment in you.

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Planned Giving: Bequests

Have you considered the impact of bequeathing to CSL Kaua’i? Reflect on how your legacy could contribute to the growth and sustainability of the community.


Your thoughtful consideration could play a vital role in supporting CSL Kaua’i’s mission and future endeavors. Bequeathing allows you to distribute your assets according to your wishes, providing clarity and potentially reducing family disputes. It can also help minimize estate taxes and ensure a smooth transfer of generosity to your chosen beneficiaries.


Please consider bequeathing to CSL Kaua’i, supporting our community’s spiritual growth and continued mission. Your contribution can make a meaningful impact for years to come.

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