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​What is a Spiritual Practitioner? A Spiritual Practitioner is a person of high spiritual consciousness and deep understanding, trained through the study of the Science of Mind and in the art, science and skill of Spiritual Mind Treatment. A Spiritual Practitioner is dedicated to the cause of assisting others, licensed to practice professionally and bound by a high code of ethics to respect the confidence of his or her clients.

You might want to have a session with a Practitioner when you are in need of inspiration or when you experience a major event in your life or need a healing in any area: financial, relationships, health or career. A Practitioner is here to remind you of your Divinity.

Practitioners are available to support you after Sunday Service or written, email and phone prayer requests. These services are a gift from our spiritual community to you.

A Practitioner does not charge for prayer, but there is a fee for their time. If you schedule a private session with a Practitioner they are available for individual spiritual support sessions. You can join them in a safe environment and explore your challenges and your beliefs that you would like to change.

These sessions are approximately 40-50 minutes long.

The charge for a Practitioner is $75. The charge for a Minister is $100

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