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CSL Kaua`i is located on the Property of Hongwanji Mission in Kapaa, Hawaii, beginning September 2023.

sacred, artistic décor, lush, colorful, safe, energetic, vibrant, blooming, growing sacred, artistic décor, lush, colorful, safe, energetic, vibrant, blooming, growing




  • Sunday services

  • Youth program

  • Practitioners and prayer work

  • Classes including New Thought/Science of Mind teachings promoting “its long overdue place in healing” and Spiritual Mind Treatment will “advance to a quantum presence in our teachings”

  • Healing Circles and Sound Baths and labyrinth walks

  • Concerts (Makana, Talent from other islands) – Goal to have a fundraising concert within the first 3-6 months from October 1.

  • Special ceremonies – marriage, blessing babies, memorials, etc.

  • Guest speakers, including well-known speakers

  • Island community-driven projects to assist community

  • Sacred Journey retreat – October 2023

  • Movie nights (thought-provoking films and in-house productions)


Ideal participants for CSL Kaua’i:

  • People who “want to awaken” and are aligned with its Vision and Mission.

  • High prosperity consciousness participants

  • Highly diverse community

  • Financial supporters

  • Global Community – large audience as people will come from all over the world

  • Elder and youth community learning from one another

  • Appeals to all ages – all are flourishing.

  • Large percentage of young demographic in their late 20’s to 40’s to continue the vision forward.

  • A solid international hub for all drawn to a new way of thinking and who are demonstrating a high frequency way of living.

  • In five years, this Institute and home of CSL Kauai will not be recognizable in its original form. It has grown into something new, big, powerful, and sacred. It is a place of attraction because of its healing power, labyrinth, classes, events, guest speakers, concerts

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