“Infinity in mathematics is considered as a number and represented as 8 on its side .

It is an endlessness and limitless concept which describes something without any bound or larger than any number.


Center for Spiritual Living Kaua`i is such a concept. This year for our birthday fundraiser, we will focus on 8 years of amazing accomplishments as a Center for Spiritual Living that was birthed in 2013 from only an intention to teach and heal by recognizing the magnificence in humanity.

CSL Kaua`i gathered the force of the Universe

to build itself into an important and necessary addition to the Island of Kaua`i, a place where people gather to love, upgrade their lives and become their best selves.


Eight years of building CSL Kaua`i has brought

us to the time of its next leap of faith. As we continue to grow out of the pandemic, we are ready to welcome back our Ohana in fullness.

Our children’s program will come back into a new space in the fall. Our class attendance is growing. More new people are watching us online. Our music program is continuing to expand. We are

a networking hub for our congregation, who use CSL Kaua`i to build friendships, business opportunities and to help each other in times

of need.


We are indeed growing and this fundraiser will assist us toward that expansion “to infinity and beyond.”

I wanted to chime in that, this Center has definitely impacted my life and my families lives in many, many positive ways over the last 8 years. I love CSL Kaua`i

CSL Kaua`i has been an absolute Godsend for our community, bringing joyful, positive healing blessings to all who have come together . It’s spiritual community that uplifts and inspires! The teachings of Science of Mind are cutting-edge, love-tech support, and the people are warm and huggy and beaming with love light and gratitude. Love tribe!

CSL Kaua`i is wonderful. So appreciate the love, blessings I find there. I live in Reno, NV and the Aloha is beautiful from CSL Kaua`i.

Janice Reid

Here is what some people are saying about CSL Kaua`i:


Join our 8th Birthday Fundraiser by becoming part of our Infinity Sign. Donate any amount that has the numeral 8 in it, from $8 to Infinity.

All donations $88 and above will become part of our Infinity Wall.”